Outsourcing of development and application support

We have experience with software development in the form of outsourcing or bodyshoping, not only domestic but also foreign developers. We guarantee professionalism, flexibility, experience and commitment to meet new challenges for our customers. Individual developers and, in particular, other specialized roles, we can efficiently exploit multiple projects at once without affecting the schedule of the client's work.

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Not everyone on the development of a non-specialized company can effectively exploit its own team of developers. Even if it is available, there may usually be situations where the company does not have sufficient capacity for new needs or, in many cases, the development of its own applications will cause developers not sufficiently diversified in their development work and problems with the sustainability of some projects due to fluctuation of their own employees.

The main advantages of outsourced development (ie software development tailored to customer specific requirements) are:

  • There is no need to build and maintain your own team of developers
  • The opportunity to get even more affordable and proven developers from the Czech Republic and from abroad
  • There are always so many developers working on the project (very flexible dimensioning of the number of developers and role structures in the project)
  • Possibility to use other specialized roles without the need to hire them (analysts, developers, UI / UX designers, testers, etc.)
  • Contractually guaranteed terms and prices
  • Referenced competencies

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